Machinery Safety

Our working group’s companies have many years of experience in realizing safety systems for each different type of machinery.
Due to the collaboration with many manufactures a high technical level has been reached.
Starting from the exchange of experience and due to the collaboration with some of the most important safety component manufactures, it is possible to use the most appropriate safety solution to reach the performance level required, considering the importance of the production’s needs.

We’re organized to support you in all  aspects of safety requirements, DIRECTIVE 2006/42/CE, such as:

  • Risk analysis and risk assessment
  • Safety upgrade planning and realization, achievement of SRP/CS PL required
  • Long term Safety requirement
  • Inspection program organization referred to the effective consumption of the safety components
  • EC marking
  • Paperless management and certification of check controls through Barcode/ QR code and web devices through tablet or smartphone devices

To achieve our goals we are supported by “sempreanorma system”, a patented technical procedure checked and verified by a European Notified Body recognized to verify, certify and to assure the long term safety conformity of machinery and equipment. All above is certificated according to the requirements of 2006/42/CE and in conformity to UNI ISO 45001:2018 by a Notified European Body (Prot. N°AVM 1331CNF0917)

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